Silverstein: This Is How the Wind Shifts

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Silverstein

Title: This Is How the Wind Shifts
Label: Hopeless Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

This Is How The Wind Shifts marks Silverstein's sixth studio full-length album and second on Hopeless Records. A concept album that showcases the bands innovative ability, This is How The Wind Shifts musically picks up right where the band last left off, showcasing darker, more aggressive sounds and textures while staying true to the soaring melodies the band is well known for.

1.1 Stand Amid the Roar
1.2 On Brave Mountains We Conquer
1.3 Massachusetts
1.4 This Is How
1.5 A Better Place
1.6 Hide Your Secrets
1.7 Arrivals
1.8 In a Place of Solace
1.9 In Silent Seas We Drown
1.10 California
1.11 The Wind Shifts
1.12 To Live and to Lose
1.13 With Second Chances
1.14 Departures

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