Silvestrov, V. / Blazhkov, Igor

Silvestrov, V. / Blazhkov, Igor: Spectrums - Symphony No.2 Cantata Meditation

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Title: Spectrums - Symphony No.2 Cantata Meditation
Label: Wergo Germany

This CD is dedicated to early works by the Ukrainian composer Valentin Silvestrov: "Avant-garde is an attempt to break out of an enclosed space into a more open one. In the attempt to break out of this space, the fireworks of avant-garde artists are like the outbursts of the Romantics. In my first works, I made it my goal to achieve a lyrical atmosphere." As early as 1967, Silvestrov - who calls himself a "lyricist and poet in music" - formulated with these words his compositional Credo, which has remained unchanged throughout the years.The symphony for chamber orchestra "Spectrums" was originally created as music for the film "Kiev Frescoes" by the famous director Sergei Paradschanow - a project that could never be realized, however.

1.1 Spectrums Symphony in Three Movements for Chamber Orchestra (1965)
1.2 Symphony No. 2 for Flute, Percussion Instruments, Piano and Strings (1965)
1.3 Cantata for Soprano and Chamber Orchestra After Poems By Fyodor Tyutchev and Alexander Blok (1973)
1.4 Meditation Symphony for Cello and Orchestra (1972)
1.5 "Farewell, O World...!" After Verses from the Poem "A Dream" By Taras Shevchenko from the Vocal Cycle Silent Songs (No. 5) for Baritone (Or Mezzosoprano) and Piano (1974-77) Arranged and Orchestrated for Baritone and Chamber Orchestra By Igor Blazhkov (1991)

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