Simone Felice

Simone Felice: The Projector

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Simone Felice

Title: The Projector
Label: New York Pro

Simone Felice The Projector - Now 41, Felice has made many albums, under various guises, and they are all worth hearing. He is a singer-songwriter with a very literary bent, always intent on saying something profound about the state of America. The Projector is his darkest, starkest work to date.

1.1 The Projector
1.2 The Fawn
1.3 Hustler
1.4 Your Hands
1.5 Angel By My Side
1.6 Same on Every Corner
1.7 To Be You
1.8 You Shall Be My Eve
1.9 Thet'd Hang Upon My Every Word
1.10 War Movie

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