Sinheresy: Domino

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Artist: Sinheresy

Artist: Sinheresy
Title: Domino

Formed in 2009, Sinheresy soon developed their unique blend of Metal by adding a wider range of influences going from the Symphonic sound of Nightwish and Within Temptation to the Progressive approach of Symphony X and Children Of Bodom. Their first works 'The Spiders And The Butterfly' and 'Paint the World' attracted very positive reactions from fans and critics alike, allowing them to tour all over Europe with renowned acts such as Lordi and Tarja. The band now ready to come back with their brand new album 'Domino'. Superbly mixed to bring out warmth and depth, their new work is a treat for the ears on multiple levels. Not only is the overall sound excellent, but the solid engineering also serves to highlight the strength of Cecilia and Stefano's vocal performances and displays the raw talents of the band to their fullest. This is how mastering engineer Mika Jussila of legendary Finnvox Studios commented: "I keep this album as a good example of a modern metal record but don't want to categorize any more. All tracks are produced and arranged in a very cool way and the sound is modern, punchy and powerful. Listening this you feel happy and energetic at the same time." Complex at times and elegantly simple at others, Domino is a strong evolutionary step that blends new elements with old, enhancing rather than changing the band's traditional sound.

1.1 Domino
1.2 Star Dome
1.3 Without a Reason
1.4 My Only Faith
1.5 Unspoken Words
1.6 Under Your Skin
1.7 The Island of Salt and Grass
1.8 Ocean of Deception
1.9 Believe
1.10 ... Another Life

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