Sinks: Cold Fury

Sinks: Cold Fury
Title: Cold Fury
Label: Vinyl Digital
Product Type: VINYL LP

If you didn't know Sinks before, you definitely missed something. His album "Cold Fury" entirely produced by West Australian Producer 'Oath', is now on vinyl with the Instrumentals for the first time. The rapper from Melbourne reveals a weakness for smooth jazz sounds and straight boombap beats, which elegantly lay around his flows, but also works perfectly without the lyrics.

1.1 Vaccine
1.2 False Leaders May Parley
1.3 Strong
1.4 Eyes Wide
1.5 Interlude I
1.6 Refuse
1.7 Cold Fury I
1.8 Vacate the Premises Flu
1.9 Interlude II
1.10 Malice
1.11 The Fine Line / Cold Fury II
1.12 Vaccine (Instrumental)
1.13 False Leaders (Instrumental)
1.14 Strong (Instrumental)
1.15 Eyes Wide (Instrumental)
1.16 Leave the Son Alone (Instrumental)
1.17 Interlude I (Instrumental)
1.18 Refuse (Instrumental)
1.19 Cold Fury I (Instrumental)
1.20 Vacate the Premises (Instrumental)
1.21 Interlude II (Instrumental)
1.22 Malice (Instrumental)
1.23 The Fine Line / Cold Fury II (Instrumental)

Sinks: Cold Fury

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