Sinners & Saints / Ramallah

Sinners & Saints / Ramallah: Back From The Land Of Nod

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Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Artist: Sinners & Saints / Ramallah
Title: Back From The Land Of Nod
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

RAMALLAH is the pseudo-solo project of "White Trash" Rob Lind (BLOOD FOR BLOOD). Lind released two of the early to mid-'00s most scathing hardcore albums under the RAMALLAH banner - But A Whimper (Bridge 9 Records) and Kill A Celebrity (Thorp Records). Then he vanished from the face of the earth. Some thought he was living as a junkie. Some thought he was dead. And then he resurfaced after a decade with this offering of the darkest and most disturbing rock music you will ever hear. SINNERS & SAINTS was known as a high-profle supergroup in Boston in the early '00s. The band was comprised of members of BLOOD FOR BLOOD, DUCKY BOYS, PIEBALD and DAMONE. Their debut album The Sky Is Falling was released to critical acclaim and rapid sales in 2002. It eventually went out of press until 2012 when Bridge 9 issued it on vinyl for the frst time. The experience motivated the Lind Brothers to reconvene SINNERS & SAINTS for the recording sessions included within, their frst new songs in over a decade.

1.1 Back from the Black
1.2 Here We Are
1.3 Comedy
1.4 When We Were Young
1.5 A Note to a Friend
1.6 Up Through the Sky (We're Going Home)

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