Sinsaenum: Echoes Of The Tortured

Sinsaenum: Echoes Of The Tortured
Title: Echoes Of The Tortured
Label: Earmusic

Joey Jordison has unveiled a new supergroup titled Sinsaenum. The extreme metal band is fronted by Mayhem and Sunn O)))'s Attila Csihar along with Daath and former Chimaira keyboardist Sean Zatorsky. It also includes current VIMIC and former Slipknot sticksman Jordison on drum duties, Dragonforce bassist Frederic Leclercq on guitar and Seth's Heimoth on bass.

1.1 Materialization
1.2 Splendor and Agony
1.3 Excommunicare
1.4 Inverted Cross
1.5 March
1.6 Army of Chaos
1.7 Redemption
1.8 Dead Souls
1.9 Lullaby
1.10 Final Curse
1.11 Condemned to Suffer
1.12 Ritual
1.13 Sacrifice
1.14 Damnation
1.15 The Forgotten One
1.16 Torment
1.17 Anfang Des Albtraumes
1.18 Mist
1.19 Echoes of the Tortured
1.20 Emptiness
1.21 Gods of Hell

Sinsaenum: Echoes Of The Tortured

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