Siquicos Litoralenos

Siquicos Litoralenos: 24/08/79

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Product Type: CASSETTES

Artist: Siquicos Litoralenos
Title: 24/08/79
Product Type: CASSETTES

A brand new South American tape batch on Sucata Tapes announces itself with the premiere of Los Siquicos Litoraleños' Radio Siquica (Psychic Radio). After their international debut Sonido Chipadelico (SHAM 004LP) and their recent mind melting tape, Medianos Éxitos Subtropicales Vol.1 (Artetetra) the masters of rural homegrown psych cumbia/rock come to Discrepant (via Sucata Tapes) with an undefined tape of radio experiments done (not) some time ago. 'Their music is a unique triumph of homegrown rural psychedelia, standing alone on the edge of an unchartered vanguard. Here is the contemporary group you keep hoping exist, but can never find. Mind-melting tropical psych-rock, pitched-down cumbias soaked in dub brine, swirling solar instrumentals, and surrealist shamanic lyrics laid across guitars, drums, tapes and electronics - bringing together multi-fidelity electric and acoustic psychic sound-forms from the greater depths of sound and surprise.' -Mark Gergis

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