Sir Charles Thompson

Sir Charles Thompson: Neglected Professor

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Artist: Sir Charles Thompson
Title: Neglected Professor

Ragtime piano master is featured here on 26 tracks from the early 1960s, inc. 8 never before released cuts - the performances are culled from 2 informal parties, one of which was hosted by ragophile Trebor Tichenor, who wrote the descriptive notes.

1.1 Lily Rag #1
1.2 Delmar Blues
1.3 When Sambo Goes to France
1.4 Delmar Rag (Alternate)
1.5 The One I Love
1.6 Centennial Rag
1.7 The Dream
1.8 Dicty's on 7th Avenue
1.9 Lingering Blues
1.10 Carolina Shout
1.11 Five Foot Two
1.12 St. Louis Blues
1.13 12th Street Rag
1.14 Maori
1.15 Derby Stomp
1.16 Leola (Two-Step)
1.17 Lily Rag #2
1.18 Brother-In-Law Dan
1.19 Delmar Rag
1.20 St. Louis Blues (Alt)
1.21 When Sambo Goes to France (Alt)
1.22 How Deep Is the Ocean
1.23 Go Back Where You Stayed Last Night
1.24 Tennessee Waltz
1.25 Chimes Blues
1.26 Lily Rag #3

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