Sister Hazel

Sister Hazel: Before The Amplifiers 2

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sister Hazel

Title: Before The Amplifiers 2
Label: Croakin Poet Records

Iconic country/rock band, Sister Hazel's new album BeforetheAmplifiers2isa16-track collection of rare acoustic performances accompanied by a string quartet and recorded during an intimate live stream. Included are new arrangements of Sister Hazel's mega hits like "All for You, " "Champagne High"and"Your Winter, "as well as never before recorded deep cuts

1.1 Change Your Mind
1.2 Truth Is
1.3 Follow the River
1.4 That Kind of Beautiful
1.5 Concede (With Strings)
1.6 Best I'll Ever Be (With Strings)
1.7 When Love Takes Hold (With Strings)
1.8 Your Winter (With Strings)
1.9 Ten Candle Days (With Strings)
1.10 Almost Broken (With Strings)
1.11 Sword and Shield (With Strings)
1.12 Everything Else Disappears (With Strings)
1.13 Your Mistake (With Strings)
1.14 Champagne High (With Strings)
1.15 In the Moment (With Strings)
1.16 All for You

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