Sixx:a.M.: Heroin Diaries Soundtrack: 10th Anniversary

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Artist: Sixx:a.M.

Artist: Sixx:a.M.
Title: Heroin Diaries Soundtrack: 10th Anniversary
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited double 180gm red and black marbled colored vinyl LP pressing. August 2017 marked the 10th anniversary of the release of Nikki Sixx's drug-soaked New York Times best selling memoir, The Heroin Diaries and SIXX: A.M.'s The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack. To commemorate more than a decade of sobriety and life lessons learned, Nikki Sixx and SIXX: A.M. revisit the seminal work; presenting a 10th Anniversary Edition of the album on vinyl. Comprised of James Michael (vocalist, producer, songwriter), DJ Ashba (guitarist, songwriter) and Nikki Sixx (bassist, songwriter), the group initially came together to write, record, and co-produce The Heroin Diaries Soundtrack, which sold over 300,000 copies, and the #1 hit single, "Life Is Beautiful," became radio's most played rock song of 2008. This Heroin Diaries: 10th Anniversary vinyl edition features new artwork, personal notes from the band and three newly re-imagined tracks: "Life Is Beautiful 2017," "Accidents Can Happen 2017" and Girl With Golden Eyes 2017."

1.1 X-Mas in Hell
1.2 Van Nuys
1.3 Life Is Beautiful
1.4 Pray for Me
2.1 Tomorrow
2.2 Accidents Can Happen
2.3 Intermission
2.4 Dead Man's Ballet
2.5 Heart Failure
3.1 Girl with the Golden Eyes
3.2 Courtesy Call
3.3 Permission
4.1 Life After Death
4.2 Life Is Beautiful 2017
4.3 Accidents Can Happen 2017
4.4 Girl with the Golden Eyes 2017

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