Sizzla: Words of Truth

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sizzla

Title: Words of Truth
Label: VP Records

Sizzla erupted on the reggae scene in 1995 and quickly captured the attention and imagination of the musical world. Feature songs include "Lift Mine Eyes," "Think Positive," "Enemies Are Confounded," and the title track, "Words of Truth."

1.1 Lift Mine Eyes
1.2 Enemies Are Confounded
1.3 Think Positive
1.4 Love, Love
1.5 Every Move That I Make
1.6 Attack
1.7 Words of Truth
1.8 Powers of the Earth
1.9 Them No Good
1.10 Love Ah Di Way
1.11 Uplift Your Standard
1.12 Praise
1.13 Step Up
1.14 Gimmie Love
2.1 Praise Ye Jah
2.2 One Away
2.3 Holding Firm
2.4 Ancient Memories
2.5 Words of Devine
2.6 Dem Ah Wonder
2.7 Guide Over Us
2.8 Make Dem Secure
2.9 Babylon Ah Listen
2.10 Humble Thought
2.11 Black Woman and Child
2.12 Give Dem Ah Ride

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