Skeletonwitch: Apothic Gloom

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Skeletonwitch

Artist: Skeletonwitch
Title: Apothic Gloom

2016 EP from legendary U.S. blackened thrash heroes Skeletonwitch featuring new vocalist Adam Clemans (Wolvhammer). Skeletonwitch is "a band that makes metal so brilliant, vital and special" (Metal Hammer). Relinquishing genre-boundaries with their mixture of blackened thrash, death and heavy metal, the band are a force to be reckoned with as they have incessantly spent the past ten years touring across the world while simultaneously releasing the most zealous, catchy riffs and precisely pummeling rhythms. The Apothic Gloom showcases four tracks spanning just under 20 minutes of what Noisey hails as a "cold blast of icy, melodic black metal" with "plenty of shredding".

1.1 The Apothic Gloom
1.2 Well of Despair
1.3 Black Waters
1.4 Red Death, White Light

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