Skinny Girl Diet: Ideal Woman

Skinny Girl Diet: Ideal Woman
Title: Ideal Woman
Label: HHBTM
Product Type: VINYL LP

One of the most eagerly anticipated albums in years, Skinny Girl Diet's follow up album "Ideal Woman" is already getting regular play on BBC Radio 6 (by Iggy Pop, no less) and the London band's been featured in just about every music blog/magazine you can imagine. The band won't even be old enough to drink during their upcoming US tour, and yet Delilah Holiday & Ursula Holiday have been doing this for almost eight years now.. SGD is raw, bleeding, and beautiful, a perfect convergence of Angela Carter and Angela Davis and The Powerpuff Girls. Inspired by punk and grunge and being alive & awake in the 21st century, their sophomore album-self-released in the UK so they can control the product, released in the US on HHBTM Records b/c it's the only label you can trust-is as cathartic & angry & moving as anything we've heard in a long time.

1.1 La Sirena
1.2 Witch of the Waste
1.3 Shed Your Skin
1.4 Ideal Woman
1.5 Human Zoo
1.6 Starfucker
1.7 Western Civilization
1.8 Outsider
1.9 Timing
1.10 Golden
1.11 Warrior Queens
1.12 White Man
1.13 Click

Skinny Girl Diet: Ideal Woman

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Product-type:VINYL LP
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