Skold: Anomie

Skold: Anomie
Title: Anomie
Label: Metropolis Records

Skold waylays 2011 with his first solo album in 15 years! After delivering a snarky CD single entitled Suck on April 12th, the stage is set for the May 10th release of ANOMIE. As Suck set the beachhead for Skold's assault on the musical landscape of the new year, ANOMIE takes up the flag and fearlessly charges headlong into the musical fray. The album flows seamlessly through the cocksure swagger of "(This Is My) Elephant" and "Satellite," the machine gun rhythms of "Angel of Noise," and the seething menace of tracks like "Becoming," all perfectly balanced by the danceable, driving tempo of "Tonight." Don't be mistaken: this album has it's intensely personal moments. The songs "Miserably Never After" and "The Hunger" show Tim Skold baring his heart, beautifully. ANOMIE proves that SKOLD has stepped up once again, supplying sonic solvent for the huffing social cynics.

1.1 (This Is My) Elephant
1.2 Suck
1.3 Black Out
1.4 Angel of Noise
1.5 Satellite
1.6 Becoming
1.7 The Hunger
1.8 Here Comes the Thunder
1.9 And Then We Die
1.10 Miserably Never Ever
1.11 Tonight
1.12 What You See Is What You Get

Skold: Anomie

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