Skullflower: This Is

Skullflower: This Is
Title: This Is
Label: VHF Records

Evolving out of Pure and then Total, Skullflower coalesced in 1987 and debuted in 1988 with the self-titled EP on Broken Flag. Over the next decade, a large assortment of characters (including guitarist Matthew Bower and drummer Stuart Dennison, the only members to appear on all their releases) would generate a truly amazing amount of loud noise masquerading as music (or vice versa) before going on indefinite hiatus after 1996's This Is Skullflower, a release that confounded expectation by taking a quieter tack (not necessarily more minimal), away from the extreme noise for which Skullflower was known.

1.1 Lounge
1.2 Creaky Rigging
1.3 Glider
1.4 The Pirate Ship of Reality Is Moving Out

Skullflower: This Is

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