Skyhooks: Live: Be in It

Skyhooks: Live: Be in It
Title: Live: Be in It
Label: Mushroom Records

A live album jammed with Hooks classic delivered with surprising firepower before local crowds on the band's 1978 tour. The tracks BBBBBBBBBoogie and Somewhere in Sydney were released as singles but Live!

1.1 Mercedes Ladies
1.2 Balwyn Calling
1.3 Smartarse Song Writers
1.4 Sitting in a Bar in Adelaide
1.5 All My Friends Are Getting Married
1.6 Bruce Suite
1.7 The Kaboodleschnitzer Kommercials
1.8 Wild in the Streets
1.9 Do the Hook
1.10 Why Don'tcha All Get *
1.11 Brown Sugar
1.12 Bondage on the Boulevard
1.13 Party to End All Parties
1.14 Sex Is Not a Dirty Word
1.15 Women in Uniform

Skyhooks: Live: Be in It

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