Skyliner: Condition Black

Skyliner: Condition Black
Title: Condition Black
Label: Limb Music

2017 release. Jacksonville in Florida's north-east shouldn't be condemned just because Limp Bizkit hails from there. Jacksonville has more to offer. Skyliner, for example, who appeared on the metal scene two years ago with their excellent album, Outsiders and who immediately made their mark on the genre with their musical brew of power and prog metal elements. The Americans sounded distinctly European, something that did not help make friends in their hometown. But they bit the bullet and carried on, working through local clubs and began writing songs for their follow-up album. Condition Black built up on Outsiders dipping a toe into new musical spheres and showed a band trying to find it's new self without turning it's back on it's influences. Not an easy task but in the end the lads are to be congratulated on the success of the experiment. In a musical sense they became more experimental, the songs are different to those on the debut.

1.1 Tidal 3:04
1.2 Condition Black 5:43
1.3 Too Many Voices 5:03
1.4 No World Order 7:54
1.5 Cages We Create 8:39
1.6 Starseeker (The Mystery of God) 4:55
1.7 Interlude I: The Firmament 2:22
1.8 As Above, So Below (Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came) 5:48
1.9 Interlude II: The Dance of Bliss 5:08
1.10 The Morbid Architect (That Prison of Veils) 5:21
1.11 Your Hand in Mine 7:02

Skyliner: Condition Black

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