Slade: Nobody's Business

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Artist: Slade

Artist: Slade
Title: Nobody's Business

Nobody's Business was formed in the summer of 1977 and was a "supergroup" with a pedigree that shone brightly. Featuring Bobby Harrison (Procol Harum, Freedom, Snafu), Tony Stevens (Savoy Brown. Foghat, Rock Follies, Midnight Flyer) Joe Jammer (Olympic Runners) Jerry Frank (session drummer extraordinaire). They went to Nice, France and recorded the album "Nobodys Business" which was released in 1978. The promo videos featured on the DVD were produced by Sylvia Anderson (Space 1999 etc). Now for the first time ever the album is remasteered with bonus tracks and released on CD along with all promo videos recorded on DVD.

1.1 Bleed Me Dry
1.2 Tell Me You Love Me
1.3 Losing You
1.4 Cut in Two
1.5 Living Up to Love
1.6 Looks Like I'm in Love
1.7 Unsettled Dust
1.8 White Boy Blue
1.9 Doing the Best I Can
1.10 Nobody's Business
1.11 Rainbow Bend (Bonus Track)
1.12 Crucifer (Bonus Track)
1.13 Highway (Bonus Track)
1.14 Bleed Me Dry (DVD)
1.15 Tell Me You Love Me (DVD)
1.16 Losing You (DVD)
1.17 Vision of Eros (DVD)
1.18 Cut in Two (DVD)
1.19 Living Up to Love (DVD)

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