Slappin' in the Trunk: We Run The Bay Vol. 4

Title: We Run The Bay Vol. 4
Label: Slappin in the Trunk

Slappin' in the Trunk is back with a collection of awesome music from some of the biggest Bay Area artists. We Run The Bay Vol. 4 includes 21 full length songs from artists such as Mozzy, June on The Beat, D-LO, AWax, Mistah Fab, Cousin Fik, Sic Wit It Ent, and many more. This album gives great presentation for the Bay Area and brings people together that want their taste Bay Area music. You are able to hear all of these great artists all on one CD right now... We Run The Bay!

1.1 Mindset - DJ Hardnox, Teekaydda, and Lil Darrion
1.2 See Em Again - Mozzy, E Mozzy, King Ym
1.3 Fuc* Ni@@A - June on the Beat, Young Capo, PCP
1.4 Player Like Me - Cousin Fik, Sneak E the Sneakster, D-Lo, Skeme
1.5 Check for Me - Mistah Fab, Malki Means King, Juey Starberry, AC @Officialslap
1.6 Turn Up - Nikatine Da King of NHT Boyz, Shaw Marksman
1.7 All I Know - Young Capo, A- Wax, Kuzzo Fly, Lazy Boy
1.8 Flooded - Don Diesel, Flea
1.9 On My Block - Ag Cubano, Durrty D, Swinla
1.10 Spaz Out - Work Dirty, Freez Vallejo, Yung Bundle
1.11 Pinata - Mac B
1.12 Take You Home - Dubb, Bobeanthers
1.13 2 Badd Bit*Hes - Lil Shawn, B.O.D, Fullah Beats, Sticky Da Prince, Kenny Bravo
1.14 Trap Phone Bling - Alto Ego
1.15 Hella Me - Dom
1.16 Cup and a Blunt - Phoenix Nueve
1.17 Them Hits - I.T.C
1.18 Put in Work - Mailmen (Motive 8 ; B.O.E)
1.19 Dumb on the Drum - Lotty Hanz
1.20 Slidin - Franceyez, Keaux

Slappin' in the Trunk: We Run The Bay Vol. 4

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