Slaves: Are You Satisfied?

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Slaves

Title: Are You Satisfied?
Label: Virgin EMI

Slaves are proving to be a force to be reckoned with with their explosion of electrifying punk-rock which is rattling the radio airwaves and press of the nation. Their debut album with Virgin EMI is released in June 2015 and is a colourful, funny and often riotous riposte to Austerity Britain.

1.1 The Hunter
1.2 Cheer Up London
1.3 Sockets
1.4 Despair and Traffic
1.5 Do Something
1.6 Are You Satisfied?
1.7 Wow!!! 7Am
1.8 Hey
1.9 Live Like An Animal
1.10 Ninety Nine
1.11 She Wants Me Now
1.12 Feed the Mantaray
1.13 Sugar Coated Bitter Truth

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