Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Bag: Women of Your Life

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Artist: Sleeping Bag

Artist: Sleeping Bag
Title: Women of Your Life
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Stripped-down, unblighted, bedroom pop songs... about girls. Women of Your Life is the intimately facile sophomore album from indie-slackers Sleeping Bag. The band's debut s/t album was released in August 2011, receiving praise from Under the Radar, Impose Magazine, Village Voice, RCRD LBL, etc. With their second album, familiar influences are organically reconstructed into relevant, captivating pop. These are instantly accessible songs which gain surprising depth with each obsessively repeated listen.

1.1 Women of Your Life
1.2 Soda You
1.3 Soccer Ball
1.4 Allison Cole
1.5 In the Pocket
1.6 Nightmare
1.7 Saturday Night
1.8 Coco
1.9 Still Life
1.10 Walk Home

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