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Slim Dusty: People & Places

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Artist: Slim Dusty

Artist: Slim Dusty
Title: People & Places

45 years ago in Australia, Slim Dusty and EMI celebrated Slim's 33rd birthday with a historic debut 33 rpm LP release: Slim Dusty Sings. This was one of the first ever Long Play releases by an Australian artist and there was no way anyone would have anticipated that Slim Dusty would have gone on, not only to release 18 albums just in the decade of the '60s, but also continue on to release a remarkable 100 plus albums over the following four decades of his career. On the eve of what would have been Slims 78th birthday, EMI Australia here releases for the first time on CD six of Slim Dusty's classics albums from the 1960s. These historic CD releases commemorate Slim's hugely successful '60s era (12 Gold LP's) and the 45th anniversary of his debut. Slim is truly the voice of the nation, the chronicler of Australian history in song. EMI. 2005.

1.1 Song of the MacLeay - S. Ranger
1.2 Down at Charley Gray's - S. Dusty
1.3 Keela Valley - S. Dusty
1.4 Old Woolshed Do - S. Dusty / J. Dohling
1.5 Middleton's Rousebout - H. Lawson / S. Dusty
1.6 Game As Ned Kelly - J. Ashe
1.7 Land of Lots of Time - S. Dusty
1.8 Old Bushmates of Mine - S. Dusty
1.9 Mad Jack's Cockatoo - S. Dusty / Billy Ryland
1.10 Sweeney - H. Lawson / S. Dusty
1.11 Cosy Inn - Harlan Howard
1.12 Charley Gray's Barn Dance - S. Dusty

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