Slim Dusty

Slim Dusty: Slim Dusty Sings

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Artist: Slim Dusty

Artist: Slim Dusty
Title: Slim Dusty Sings

Slim Dusty was the most prolific and biggest-selling recording artist in Australia, with more than five million of his recordings sold on the domestic market of 20 million people and a status akin to the all-time greats in country music. In 2000, the 73-year-old Australian music legend released his 100th album. Slim Dusty Sings features 12 tracks. Capitol. 2005.

1.1 Sunlander
1.2 Mother (with Joy McKean)
1.3 Rain Still Tumbles Down
1.4 Lonesome Road of Tears
1.5 King Bundawaal
1.6 Since the Bushland Boogie Came This Way
1.7 Harry the Breaker
1.8 Walkin' on My Way
1.9 Little Girl Dressed in Blue
1.10 Nature of Man
1.11 Gumtress By the Roadway
1.12 Roaring Wheels

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