Slim Willet: Texas Oil Songs

Slim Willet: Texas Oil Songs
Title: Texas Oil Songs
Label: Modern Harmonic
Product Type: VINYL LP

Country singer and disc jockey Slim Willet's ode to tool-pushin', Texas Oil Patch Songs was issued in 1959 by the artist on his own Winston label, and is now an impossibly-rare LP to dig up. This Modern Harmonic edition is faithful to the original, including all twelve tracks, liner notes, restored artwork, and primed & pumped onto vinyl! This magnificent lost treasure from the great Texas oil fields was once something of lore. Only rumored to exist. Slim Willet's mighty collection of blue collar, well-digging classics stood little chance to begin with as only a few hundred were pressed, and oil songs never really caught on in the way the similar trucking-songs would several years later. Had Slim put this out during the great Gas Station/Truck Stop 8-Track Market of the 70's this could have been a hit album, but with his passing in 1966, it was never to be.

1.1 Rig Moving Man
1.2 Toolpusher (On a Rotary Rig)
1.3 Oil Patch Girls
1.4 El Paso Gas
1.5 Off Shore Drillin' Rig
1.6 Boom Town Man
2.1 Smell That Sweet Perfume
2.2 Johnny Don't Drill Any More
2.3 Drill Bit Honky Tonk
2.4 Morning Tower
2.5 Haywire Jones
2.6 Roughneck

Slim Willet: Texas Oil Songs

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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