Slink Rand & Craig Moore

Slink Rand & Craig Moore: Return of the Slinkenwolf

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Product Type: CD

Title: Return of the Slinkenwolf
Label: MCM Records

2018 release. Two founding members of legendary '60s bands Gonn and Ilmo Smokehouse reunite for their first album of all new material together since 1969! Staying absolutely true to their roots, legendary midwestern guitarist Slink Rand and bassist/vocalist Craig 'Wolf' Moore have written and produced an album of brand new classic rock with roots firmly within foundational late '60s/'70s hard-hitting bluesy riff-rock. Moore calls it 'Woodstock Meets AC/DC' or 'Montrose Meets Mountain'. All tracks are original except for a unique arrangement of the classic 'Summertime' based on the 1962 Ricky Nelson/James Burton version that was buried on a B-side. This track is bound to start a 'chicken-or-the-egg' conversation among '60s garage rock fans. The album is titled for their familiar nicknames, 'Sink' and Wolf', and anyone who loves Cream, Mountain, early Led Zeppelin, Blue Cheer and Black Sabbath, and heavy blues the likes of Savoy Brown, Killing Floor, Muddy Waters, etc., should relate at once.

1.1 Saber Tooth Tiger
1.2 Fallen in Love (With Life Again)
1.3 Sunrise
1.4 Read It in the Clouds
1.5 Exiles on Main Street
1.6 Save a Place
1.7 Legion (Pandora's Box)
1.8 What Doesn't Kill You
1.9 Summertime
1.10 Don't Tell Your Daddy

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