Slough Feg: Atavism

Slough Feg: Atavism
Title: Atavism
Label: Cruz Del Sur Music

ATAVISM is Slough Feg's fifth album. After four European tours and a few small excursions in the US over he last ten years, we've come back from the future so to speak, back from the asteroid mining fields of Traveller to the dark caves of Celtic Britain... so to speak. Actually we've come more into the present with these songs, which were written wit more of the vitality and grit of everyday experience- seen through the eyes of a throw back, or atavistic nature. The idea of a primitive man confronting everyday situations, relationships and struggles of life in a modern world is the backdrop for the frenetic music of ATAVISM. This is nothing new for Slough Feg, and perhaps the most atavistic thing about the album is the actual style of music itself, in that it harkens back to the first Slough Feg album, skipping a few generations along the way (Mike Scalzi / SLOUGH FEG singer).

1.1 Robustus
1.2 I Will Kill You / You Will Die
1.3 Portcullis
1.4 Hiberno-Latin Invasion
1.5 Climax of a Generation
1.6 Atavism
1.7 Eumaeus the Swineherd
1.8 Curse of Athena
1.9 Agnostic Grunt
1.10 High Season V
1.11 Starport Blues
1.12 Man Out of Time
1.13 Agony Slalom
1.14 Atavism II

Slough Feg: Atavism

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