Slow Motion Cowboys

Slow Motion Cowboys: In Exile / on the Mesa

$13.11 $15.99

Artist: Slow Motion Cowboys
Title: In Exile / on the Mesa
Product Type: VINYL LP

Dreamy fog town country stars from San Francisco CA, the slo-mo boys are smiling and traveling the roads, playing this fine batch of songs... no trues better cowboy ballads could be heard than those from the heart of Slippery Pete, who also sings for the brilliant Bay band Trainwreck Riders... it's been years in the making, but this is the first vinyl release by the kids, although the activity has risen with each passing year as the Trainwreck crew has slowed it has given birth to the Slow Motion sounds

1.1 Foggy Moon
1.2 Bisbee
1.3 Golden Gal
1.4 Eightball
1.5 Azure Eyes
1.6 Bartenders Best Friend
1.7 Stone Walls and Steel Bars
1.8 Playgrounds
1.9 Jorgie
1.10 Friends in Ca

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