Small Black

Small Black: New Chain

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Small Black

Artist: Small Black
Title: New Chain
Product Type: VINYL LP

New Chain is the debut long-player from New York's Small Black. The Brooklyn group have succeeded in melting together locked and popped drum-shudder, gauzy spirographic synths and subtly contagious, half-remembered melody into ebullient bursts of evocative, subliminal and thoroughly modern pop. The songs are equally informed by the rhythmic bounce and stylistic swagger of more left-leaning contemporary radio rap and R'&'B as it is the submerged kaleidoscopic swirl of the early 4AD dream factory.

1.1 Camouflage
1.2 Search Party
1.3 Hydra
1.4 Photojournalist
1.5 Crisp 100S
1.6 Goons
1.7 Light Curse
1.8 New Chain
1.9 Panthers
1.10 Invisible Grid

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