Small World Experience

Small World Experience: Shelf-life

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Small World Experience
Title: Shelf-life
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited vinyl LP pressing. Originally seeing the light of day as a CD-only release in 1994, Shelf-Life was the debut long-player from the excellent Small World Experience, a Brisbane outfit virtually unknown north of the equator. Of course, a bevy of fans prevailed and while the band released a small brace of releases throughout the '90s, Shelf-Life seemed the most unobtainable. Formed in 1987 by DIY enthusiasts Pat Ridgewell (songwriting/guitar/singing, plus often bass on recordings) and Ian Wadley (drums and sometimes bass, guitar), Small World Experience exudes wry, post-pop charms, very much in the spirit of once-upon-a-time Brisbane acts such as Go Betweens, Four Gods and even The Saints. Throw in an affinity for Jimmy Webb, the Monkees' Headquarters album and Ridgewell's own, languid slant on things, and buster, you got yourself one helluva record!

1.1 S.W.E
1.2 Get Lost
1.3 Patience
1.4 Shelf-Life
1.5 Vow of Silence
1.6 Dregsy
1.7 Overexposure

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