Snog: City

Snog: City
Title: City
Label: Psy Harmon

Just when you had Song all figured out as agitprop electro propagandists they go and drop a brand new CD-EP the title track of which (City) is an electro-"power ballad". Featuring new collaborations with those denizens of the dubstep deep Monster Zoku Onsomb. Thrussell now sounds a bit like a mutant Berlin cabaret singer from the 1920's over an elastic mashed-up beat. Also features remixes from the Calculator's & Finland's Vishnudata svelte dancefloor killers, Curse Ov Dialect's straight-up insanity, Hesius Dome's ambient pop rework, and Hecq's aural decay.

1.1 City (Edit)
1.2 Keep a Truckin' (Feat. the Monster Zoku Onsomb!)
1.3 Social Disease (Feat. the Monster Zoku Onsomb!)
1.4 License
1.5 Lost at Sea (The Calculators Remix)
1.6 Lost at Sea (Vishnudata Remix)
1.7 It's All Lies (Curse Ov Dialect Remix)
1.8 City (Hesius Dome Remix)
1.9 City (Hecq Remix)
1.10 All Hail
1.11 City (Acoustic Version)
1.12 City (Album Version)

Snog: City

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