Snot: Get Some

$31.81 $36.99
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Snot

Title: Get Some
Label: Music on Vinyl
Product Type: VINYL LP

180-gram vinyl. Snot's music is a mix of rough around the edge rock 'n' roll and fun funky hardcore punk-rock, especially on the standout songs "Snot", "Deadfall", "Joyride", "The Box". Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the album, Music On Vinyl proudly presents the first ever vinyl release of Get Some!

1.1 Snot
1.2 Stoopid
1.3 Joyride
1.4 The Box
1.5 313
1.6 Get Some
1.7 Deadfall
1.8 I Jus' Lie
1.9 Get Some O' Deez
1.10 Unplugged
1.11 Tecato
1.12 Mr. Brett
1.13 Get Some Keez
1.14 My Balls

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