Sodom: M-16 (20th Anniversary Edition) [Deluxe Boxset]

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Sodom

Title: M-16 (20th Anniversary Edition) [Deluxe Boxset]
Label: BMG Rights Managemen
Product Type: VINYL LP

M-16 (20th Anniversary Edition) Almost twenty years ago to the day, celebrated thrash metal act Sodom released one of the most significant albums of it's career: 'M-16', an offering that continues to be a challenge both musically and in terms of it's content still touches upon a very sensitive issue in the history of mankind. The theme of the iconic concept album is the Vietnam War, which was officially fought between North and South Vietnam in the 1960s, with the intervention of 500,000 US soldiers fighting and supporting anti-communist North Vietnam against Eastern Bloc detachments. Songs such as 'Among The Weirdcong', 'Napalm In The Morning', 'Minejumper' and 'Cannon Fodder' see musicians Tom Angelripper (vocals, bass), Bernemann (guitar), and Bobby Schottkowski (drums), who recorded the album at the time, hauntingly evoke through harsh metal sounds and unmistakable words images of war, brutalization and devastation, grievances and the excesses of Western civilization.

1.1 Among the Weirdcong (2021 - Remaster)
1.2 I Am the War (2021 - Remaster)
1.3 Napalm in the Morning (2021 - Remaster)
2.1 Minejumper (2021 - Remaster)
2.2 Genocide (2021 - Remaster)
2.3 Little Boy
3.1 M-16 (2021 - Remaster)
3.2 Lead Injection (2021 - Remaster)
3.3 Cannon Fodder (2021 - Remaster)
4.1 Marines (2021 - Remaster)
4.2 Surfin' Bird (2021 - Remaster)
4.3 Remember the Fallen (Live Wacken 2001) [2021 - Remaster]
4.4 Blasphemer (Live Wacken 2001) [2021 - Remaster]
5.1 Agent Orange (Live) (Wacken 2001)
5.2 Code Red (Live) (Wacken 2001)
5.3 Der Wachturm (Live) (Wacken 2001)
5.4 M-16 (Live) (Wacken 2001)
6.1 Among The Weirdcong (Live) (Tokyo 2002)
6.2 The Vice of Killing (Live) (Tokyo 2002)
6.3 Eat Me (Live) (Tokyo 2002)
7.1 The Saw Is the Law (Live) (Bang your Head 2003)
7.2 Outbreak of Evil (Live) (Bang your Head 2003)
7.3 Bombenhagel (Live) (Bang your Head 2003)
8.1 I Am the War (Live) (Bangkok 2002)
8.2 Masquerade in Blood (Live) (Bangkok 2002)
8.3 Sodomized (Live) (Bangkok 2002)

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