Sofia Chamber Choir

Sofia Chamber Choir: Quiet Songs

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Product Type: CD

Title: Quiet Songs
Label: Gega

1.1 A Drop Fell from the Sky
1.2 You, Who Are Looking for a Ford
1.3 My Mouth Will Not Sing and Argue Forever
1.4 To Grandma
1.5 I Know a Dearly Cherished Place
1.6 Bright Morning
1.7 Quiet Evening
1.8 White, White Snow
1.9 Dawn Came in the Sleepy Gardens
1.10 Reverie
1.11 Meet It Is
1.12 We Sing Thee
1.13 Our Father
1.14 Let the Maiden Be Mine
1.15 Autumn Was Coming
1.16 Winter
1.17 It's Snowing, It's Snowing
1.18 Snow Is Falling Like a Memory
1.19 The Snow Is So Cold
1.20 Like Snow, Like Snow, Indeed

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