Soft Machine: Drop

Soft Machine: Drop
Title: Drop
Label: Sireena Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

In the early seventies West Germany was a great touring area for British rock bands. Here bands like Steamhammer, East of Eden or Curved Air got almost even greater success than in their homeland. This also included the Canterbury scene Jazz Rock band Soft Machine, the band was announced high, especially in college towns. These recordings were recorded during the tour in Germany in 1971. The tracks are known pieces from the legendary albums of the band "Third" (1970) and "Fifth" (1972), but the sound here is very dynamic and therefore novel. First of all the release shows an even greater devotion to Jazz and Free Jazz. The quality of free spirited saxophonist Elton Dean together with the influence of the brilliant drummer Phil Howard is outstanding. Most of the titles come from the pen of mastermind Mike Ratledge, who as always makes a convincing figure behind his Rhodes piano, and Hugh Hopper on bass is an institution in Soft Machine; been microstructure. These four guys supply an incredible stage performance, full of variety, Tempi and chord changes, intensity and playfulness. Excursions in Free Jazz realm certainly delight as the successful versions of Soft Machine, classics like "All White", "Slightly All The Time" or "As If", as examples only. A captivating sound document, which was prepared by Sireena sound guru Marlon Klein meticulously for a release on vinyl. The album is released, as we know it from Sireena, in a limited edition in colored 180 gram heavy weight vinyl.

1.1 Neo Caliban Grides 6:23
1.2 All White 6:14
1.3 Slightly All the Time 13:16
1.4 Drop 7:40
1.5 M.C. 3:25
1.6 Out-Bloody-Rageous 11:30
1.7 As If 6:10
1.8 Dark Swing 1:55
1.9 Intropigling 0:53
1.10 Pigling Bland 4:44

Soft Machine: Drop

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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