Soilwork: Sworn to a Great Divide

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Soilwork

Artist: Soilwork
Title: Sworn to a Great Divide

SWORN TO a GREAT DIVIDE is the next step on the big ladder of success that is Soilwork's career. The band has done everything possible to create another killer album and they have more than succeeded. This album delivers both strength and passion in one deadly cocktail of emotions. SWORN TO a GREAT DIVIDE combines the best elements of their two previous albums STABBING THE DRAMA and NATURAL BORN CHAOS to reinvent them selves and their sound.

1.1 Sworn to a Great Divide
1.2 Exile
1.3 Breeding Thorns
1.4 Your Beloved Scapegoat
1.5 The Pittsburgh Syndrome
1.6 I, Vermin
1.7 Light Discovering Darkness
1.8 As the Sleeper Awakes
1.9 Silent Bullet
1.10 Sick Heart River
1.11 20 More Miles
1.12 Martyr
2.1 Not Quite Studio; the Devlab [Multimedia Track]
2.2 Exile
2.3 Official Bootleg - Live @ Z7 - Pratteln, Switzerland [DVD]

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