Soko: My Dreams Dictate My Reality

Soko: My Dreams Dictate My Reality
Title: My Dreams Dictate My Reality
Label: Babycat Records

Once a soft-spoken singer/songwriter, Soko's music quickly caught up with her untamable persona. In 2012, Soko released her debut album I Thought I Was an Alien (BEC 5161135). The album featured the track We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow, soundtrack to the video First Kiss, which has clocked about 100 million views. The track skyrocketed to the Top 10 of the Billboard Charts and did about 11.5 million streams (No. 1 Debut On Streaming Songs). Soko has now revamped her once innocent yet morbid folk into an insolent follow-up record, My Dreams Dictate My Reality. Produced by the legendary Ross Robinson (who has also produced her favorite band, The Cure), the album features the hypnotic duet Lovetrap with friend and lo-fi wizard Ariel Pink, who also appears on Monster Love. '80s new-wave influences meet post-punk, with great hooks and melodies and the potential for some major hits, including Who Wears the Pants. CD version presented in two-panel digipack printed on silver foil with 16-page booklet.

1.1 01./A1. I Come in Peace
1.2 02./A2. Ocean of Tears
1.3 03./A3. Who Wears the Pants
1.4 04./A4. My Precious
1.5 05./A5. Bad Poetry
1.6 06./A6. Temporary Mood Swings
1.7 07./B1. My Dreams Dictate My Reality
1.8 08./B2. Monster Love (Feat. Ariel Pink)
1.9 09./B3. Peter Pan Syndrome
1.10 10./B4. Lovetrap (Feat. Ariel Pink)
1.11 11./B5. Visions
1.12 12./B6. Keaton's Song

Soko: My Dreams Dictate My Reality

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