Sol Invictus

Sol Invictus: In Europa

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sol Invictus

Title: In Europa
Label: Prophecy

Containing recordings from 1996 made in Amsterdam (tracks 1-13) and from 1995 made in Nevers (tracks 14-17), in Europa is a monument for the expressive and powerful live performances by Sol Invictus. Originally released in 1998, now is the time to make these high-quality recordings available once again in the customary form of Auerbach Tonträger's re-release series. The original album, presented in a portrait- format Digipak including revised artwork and liner-notes limited to 700 copies, is accompanied by a bonus DVD that captures Sol's WGT performance at the Leipzig Völkerschlachtdenkmal in 1998 and solo-live performances by Tony Wakeford from the same year. In addition, the audio CD includes two bonus songs: A previously unreleased version of Ave Maria as well as Petals from a Rose, performed by the Quartet Noir and previously only available on the compilation What is Eternal.

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