Solace of Requiem

Solace of Requiem: Casting Ruin

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Artist: Solace of Requiem
Title: Casting Ruin
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2014 release from the Death/Black Metal band. Epic fucking brutality! These are the only words that can accurately describe Solace of Requiem. The band is from the United States and plays a most unique and original form of Extreme Metal. Sometimes labeled as 'Technical Blackened Death Metal', SOR's music is not only instrumentally technical, but is also technical in composition. Blending together an array of haunting technical passages, classical movements, grim ambience and relentless brutality, with a diverse assortment of highly intelligible extreme vocals. Making it is easy to hear the vast collection of influences that are incorporated within Solace of Requiem's music.

1.1 Defiling the Spectrum
1.2 Casting Ruin
1.3 Soiling the Fields of Putridity
1.4 Song of Shards
1.5 Wading Into Mire
1.6 Eroded Absolution
1.7 Heaving Bile and Ash
1.8 Pools of Ablation
1.9 Bio-Alchemy

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