Son Lux

Son Lux: Bones

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Son Lux

Artist: Son Lux
Title: Bones
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited vinyl LP pressing. 2015 release, the fourth album by singer/songwriter Ryan Lott and Co. Now, Son Lux is a band. A trio, to be exact; one that has meticulously woven together dizzying percussion, fraying guitar, symphonic bluster, and haunting vocals into a quaking and vivid post-pop (post-everything) burst called Bones. The album combines all of the architectural precision and aural inventiveness we've come to expect, with more immediacy and melody than ever. That's all to do with the crew. Features ‘Change Is Everything’, ‘You Don’t Know Me’, ‘Your Day Will Come’, ‘I Am The Others’, ‘Now I Want’ and more.

1.1 Breathe in
1.2 Change Is Everything
1.3 Flight
1.4 You Don't Know Me
1.5 This Time
1.6 I Am the Others
2.1 Your Day Will Come
2.2 Undone
2.3 White Lies
2.4 Now I Want
2.5 Breathe Out

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