Sonny Burgess: Everybody's Rockin Again

Sonny Burgess: Everybody&
Title: Everybody's Rockin Again
Label: Ace Records UK

Sonny Burgess was one of the earliest of the original Sun Records rock'n'rollers. He signed with Sam Phillips in 1956 and produced a series of wild, raw 45s which cemented his reputation forever. He refused all offers to perform in Europe until 1984, when he played a festival in Weymouth and stunned fans with his fabulous guitar playing and raw vocals. He returned the following year, when he also recorded an album. 14 of the tracks on this CD appeared on the 1986 Rockhouse LP "Raw Deal".Tracks:1. WE WANNA BOOGIE2. RAW DEAL3. EVERYBODY'S MOVING AGAIN (UK VERSION)4. DOWN AT BIG MARY'S HOUSE5. ROCK'N'ROLL DADDY6. HOT MAMA7. GET ON THE RIGHT TRACK8. AIN'T GOT a THING9. FLIP FLOP AND FLY10. SUNROCK BOOGIE11. K K'S BOOGIE12. MIDNIGHT SPECIAL13. MR BLUES14. HOOTCHIE KOOTCHIE15. DRINKIN' WINE SPO DEE O DEE16. DIZZY MISS LIZZY17. LOUISIANA LADY18. SPELLBOUND (UK VERSION)19. I'm COUNTING ON YOU20. HELLO MEMPHIS21. MOVE IT ON OVER22. GOTTA FIND MY BABY23. BLUE HIGHWAY24. MEET ME ANYWHERE25. I'LL BE THERE26. ROCKIN' CHAIR MONEY27. EVERYBODY'S MOVIN' AGAIN (US VERSION)

1.1 We Wanna Boogie
1.2 Raw Deal
1.3 Everybody's Moving Again [U.K. Version] [Version]
1.4 Down at Big Mary's House
1.5 Rock 'N' Roll Daddy
1.6 Hot Mama
1.7 Get on the Right Track
1.8 Ain't Got a Thing
1.9 Flip Flop and Fly
1.10 Sunrock Boogie
1.11 K.K.'s Boogie
1.12 Midnight Special
1.13 Mr. Blues
1.14 Hootchie Kootchie
1.15 Drinkin' Wine Spo Dee O Dee
1.16 Dizzy Miss Lizzy
1.17 Louisiana Lady
1.18 Spellbound [U.K. Version] [Version]
1.19 I'm Counting on You
1.20 Hello Memphis
1.21 Move It on Over
1.22 Gotta Find My Baby
1.23 Blue Highway
1.24 Meet Me Anywhere
1.25 I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)
1.26 Rockin' Chair Money
1.27 Little Town Baby
1.28 Everybody's Moving Again [U.S. Version] [Version]

Sonny Burgess: Everybody's Rockin Again

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