Sonny J: Disastro

Sonny J: Disastro
Title: Disastro
Label: Positiva

2008 debut album from the Liverpudlian turntablist. Sonny J has thrown together diverse elements like arcane American telephone conversations that could have been ripped off a parallel universe remake of Hi-Fidelity mixed with big wobbly basslines, euphoric strings and giddy breakdowns all splattered with ten tons of soul... his hyperactive interpretation of soul, that is. It's a record where the highs are higher and the lows are gently, softly, lower. So what else can we tell you about Mr. Sonny J? He claims his real name is Sonnington James III. He loves Japanese weather reports, customizing football kits and singing for his supper in the most unpromising seaside charity shops. His DJ sets sound like Doris Day kidnapped by Motorhead, all washed down with generous helpings of cut up future Funk, nasty '80s power Rock, spaced out B-Boy nuggets and general dirty electronique madness. No, really! 12 tracks including 'Enfant Terrible'. Positiva.

1.1 Enfant Terrible (Album Version)
1.2 I'm So Heavy
1.3 Handsfree (If You Hold My Hand)
1.4 Cabaret Short Circuit
1.5 Belly Bongo
1.6 Sorrow
1.7 Can't Stop Moving
1.8 Strange Things
1.9 Doing the Tango
1.10 No-Fi
1.11 Disastro
1.12 Sonnrise

Sonny J: Disastro

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