Sonny Vincent & Spite

Sonny Vincent & Spite: Spiteful

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Artist: Sonny Vincent & Spite
Title: Spiteful
Product Type: VINYL LP

Three years in the making, four rock'n'roll legends/bastards get together to fuck shit up. They are Sonny Vincent of Testors-fame on vocals and guitar, Damned-drummer Rat Scabies, original Sex Pistols-bassist Glen Matlock and the Stooges' Steve Mackay on sax.

1.1 Dog On The Subway
1.2 Disinterested
1.3 Now That I Have You
1.4 Bad Superstition
1.5 Sidewalk Cracks
1.6 Silver
1.7 Beg For Love
2.1 Macon
2.2 Shameless Face
2.3 Not The Same
2.4 Wait
2.5 Borders
2.6 Thief Of Words
2.7 Clouds

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