Sons of Balaur

Sons of Balaur: Tenebris Deos

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sons of Balaur

Artist: Sons of Balaur
Title: Tenebris Deos

Sons Of Balaur TENEBRIS DEOS CD - After an absence of fifteen years Sons Of Balaur, the notorious band from Oslo featuring some of Norwegian black metal's most dedicated and shadowy personalities, have unleashed their ferocious debut 'Tenebris Deos'. Genre - BLACK METAL / DARK METAL

1.1 Invocation
1.2 Prologue
1.3 Old Relics
1.4 Succubus Slut
1.5 The Curse of Bloodlust
1.6 The Nameless Roams the Earth
1.7 Van Helsing Must Die
1.8 Balaur's Rise
1.9 Athena Bitch Betrayer
1.10 Soldiers of Darkness
1.11 Nematari the Desert Queeu

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