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Soul Jazz Records Presents: Calypso: Musical Poetry in Thecaribbean 1955-69

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Title: Calypso: Musical Poetry in Thecaribbean 1955-69
Label: Soul Jazz

2014 compilation with the biggest singer in Calypso the Trinidadian Lord Kitchener (Aldwyn Roberts), along with other stars Lord Cobra, Lord Hummingbird, Lord Growler, King Fighter, Lord Byron, the Mighty Viper, Lord Ivanhoe & more. Traditional Calypso is intricately and inextricably bound to the social history of Trinidad and it's myriad of traditions, beliefs, folklore and fables. As the music spread around the world the subjects of songs similarly took on local topics.

1.1 Man on the Moon -Lord Cobra ; Pana Afro Sounds
1.2 Pussy Galore - Young Growler
1.3 Teenage Bossa Nova Girl-Lord Hummingbird Lord
1.4 Yes Parssin - Lord Byron
1.5 Voodoo - Cyrill Diaz ; His Orchestra
1.6 Out de Fire -Lord Flea ; His Calypsonians
1.7 The Bed Bug Song - Brownie
1.8 Cat-O-Nine -Count Zebra and the Seasiders
1.9 Elena - Carlos Malcolm ; His Afro Jamaican Rhythms
1.10 West Indians in England -Azie Lawrence and the Carib Serenaders
1.11 Negro Heart -Lord Cobra ; Pana Afro Sounds
1.12 Love in the Cemetary -Lord Kitchener
1.13 Jamaica Is the Place to Go - Charlie Binger ; His Quartet
1.14 Exchange No Robbery - Mighty Dougla
1.15 Dog Better Than Man - Viper
1.16 Jamaican Woman -Lord Kitchener
1.17 Gee Bongo Lay -J.B. Williams Band
1.18 Lift the Iron Curtain - Lord Ivanhoe ; His Caribbean Knights
1.19 People Will Talk - King Fighter

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