Space God Ritual

Space God Ritual: The Unknown Wants You Dead!

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Product Type: CD

Title: The Unknown Wants You Dead!
Label: Metal on Metal Recs

Enthusiasts of all things doomy, weird and Lovecraftian... rejoice! The new album from Portland, Oregon's Victorian cultists Space God Ritual is the perfect offering to the Ancient Ones, and they are pleased! "The Unknown Wants You Dead!" sees the trio take their proto-doom style and bring it to a whole new level of theatricality and heaviness. Their sound is familiar, but also very different mostly thanks to the orchestrations that wouldn't be out of place on an old horror movie soundtrack, courtesy of the band's sole instrumentalist, Mr Glamour. The vocals also contribute to their eerie and unique style. The main vocalist, Olaff, has a classic heavy metal voice, yet sounds quite quirky, often resembling Simon from ARKHAM WITCH, while second vocalist, known only as The Owl, is responsible for orations and sounds completely demented. They tell their eldritch tales of the macabre in a vaudevillian style. It's a real treat for all those who love their doom with a twist and with a ghoulish atmosphere. Fans of THE LAMP OF THOTH, ARKHAM WITCH, PENTAGRAM, BLACK SABBATH, HELL, LUCIFER'S FALL or BRITON RITES can't go wrong with it.

1.1 Miskatonic 1927
1.2 The Unknown Wants You Dead!
1.3 Into the Curio
1.4 Ancient Hymns to Tyrant Gods
1.5 Cultes Des Ghoules
1.6 A Lowly Tallow Candle Dispels the Gloom from This Terrible Place
1.7 Strange Blood
1.8 Innsmouth Town
1.9 The Procession
1.10 The Mansion in the Mist
1.11 The Golden City

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