Sparks: Extended: 12 Inch Mixes

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Sparks

Title: Extended: 12 Inch Mixes
Label: Repertoire

This unique compilation chooses the best extended versions from the various labels Sparks inhabited between 1979 and 1984, plus a bonus track from 1997 featuring Jimmy Somerville. Also check out the Shortcuts: 7-inch Mix collection.

1.1 Tryouts for the Human Race (Extended Version)
1.2 Beat the Clock (Extended Version) / la Dolce Vita (Extended Version)
1.3 The Number One Song in Heaven (Extended Version)
1.4 Young Girls (Disco Version)
1.5 I Predict (Club Mix)
1.6 Modesty Plays (Extended Version)
1.7 Cool Places Feat. Jane Wiedlin (Doorman's Deliri)
1.8 All You Ever Think About Is Sex (12 Inch Club Version)
1.9 Dance Godammit (12 Inch Club Version)
1.10 Progress (Vocal / Extended Club Mix)
1.11 Pretending to Be Drunk (Extended Version
1.12 New M / Kiss Me Quick (Extended Version / New Mix)
1.13 With All My Might (Vocal / Extended Club Mix)
1.14 Sparks in the Dark (Instrumental
1.15 Extended Club
1.16 Tryouts for the Human Race (12 Inch Short Version
1.17 The Number One Song in Heaven (Extended Version

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