Sparks: Propaganda

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Artist: Sparks

Artist: Sparks
Title: Propaganda
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited 180gm vinyl LP pressing. Propaganda is the fourth album by the eccentric rock group Sparks. The album followed it's predecessor Kimono My House by half a year and was a successful album in the UK and US. It reached #9 on the UK Album Chart (which would remain their second highest album chart position in the UK for nearly 43 years until pushed down into third place by Hippopotamus in 2017). The singles "Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth" and "Something for the Girl with Everything" both reached the Top Twenty in the UK reaching #13 and #17 respectively. In France, "At Home, At Work, At Play" together with "Propaganda" was released as a single instead of "Something for the Girl with Everything". In the US, "Achoo" was released as the album's only single.

1.1 Propaganda
1.2 At Home at Work at Play
1.3 Reinforcements
1.4 B.C
1.5 Thanks But No Thanks
1.6 Don't Leave Me Alone with Her
1.7 Never Turn Your Back on Mother Earth
1.8 Something for the Girl with Everything
1.9 Achoo
1.10 Who Don't Like Kids
1.11 Bon Voyage

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