Sparzanza: Banisher Of The Light

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Artist: Sparzanza

Artist: Sparzanza
Title: Banisher Of The Light
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2006 album from the Swedish metal/hard rock band. Banisher Of The Light includes breakthrough songs like "Black Heart" and "Before My Blackened Eyes", which got tremendous airplay in Sweden and Finland.

1.1 Going Down
1.2 Before My Blackened Eyes
1.3 Black Heart
1.4 Godsend Man
1.5 Enemy Mine
1.6 Leeches
1.7 Chasing the Dragon
1.8 Banisher of the Light
1.9 Dead Rising
1.10 In My Control
1.11 Music to Interrogate By
1.12 State of Mind

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