Spatial: Music Of Sound Systems

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Artist: Spatial

Artist: Spatial
Title: Music Of Sound Systems
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

A Music Of Sound Systems is UK artist Spatial's debut album. Framed by the abstract art movement "Suprematism" and Russian artist Lissitzky in particular, A Music Of Sound Systems is an audio exploration of space, volume, mass, and rhythm, as well as an homage to both Caribbean and UK soundsystem culture. With musique concrète and the Darmstadt School both cited as inspirations, Spatial takes ideas of obscuring and manipulating, but instead interprets them into more club-aligned compositions. Combining these concepts, album opener "Doping Conductor" mixes tense soundscapes with crackling synths and a void like sinking bass. "Proun", a direct reference to Lissitsky, builds with escalating ominous intent whilst "Quiddity Dub" draws heavily on Spatial's dub roots. "Walking Off" is a turning point on the album as a vast and deserted ambient landscape materializes before "Routine Conflict" combines distorted noise with echoing and apprehensive synths. "System I" quickens with visceral scratches over a brooding siren like call before "A Music Of Sound Systems" closes out the LP with an eerie and staggered melody, rumbling outwards.

1.1 Doping Conductor
1.2 Proun
1.3 Spin One Over Two
1.4 291 Anu
1.5 Quiddity Dub
2.1 Isotope Scan
2.2 Walking Off
2.3 Routine Conflict
2.4 System I
2.5 A Music of Sound Systems

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